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July 31, 2010

Green progress!

About 5 years ago we were convinced to buy a new machine for the golf course. The Aero King was sold to us as a bargain and on the basis that it would transform the golf course. This now seems like a similar story to many of the other pieces of equipment we have amassed in the golf shed and some have indeed transformed our lives and made them easier but few on their own have actually transformed the course. Anyway after much maoning and growning it was eventually admitted earlier this year that the main reason this particular piece of machinery was having little impact was its lack of use and in particular the fact that it did not work.

It would be easy to understand that it was for this reason that it had had little impact however we were left with a decison to retire it or fix it and gamble that it would make a difference. We finally elected for the latter and found the issue simply rectified- a change of spark plugs and clean of the filter and off it went. So for the last two months we have regularly solid tined the greens and watched to see the change. amazingly it does seem to have had an impact, firstly the surface of thh greens seems to have lifted and have life in it and secondly some areas that had a history of draining issues sesm to have waned.

So now I am looking around to see if theere is any other equipemnt we own that we do not use incase it too will have an immediate imapct. in truth maintaining the machines and keeping all in order remains the number one task and the most important chore, much like runniing a hotel where looking after your guests is the most important chore and then gaining new ones so looking after equipemnt and keeping it going is often more important than buying more "solution"  

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I liked the old tine machine. It made me think of what life was like before the industrial revolution.

Posted by: William | Aug 31, 2010 3:22:18 PM

those- WERE- the good old days when you could get a hole in one on te old course and drive for miles without using your hands!!

Posted by: beppo | Aug 31, 2010 3:25:23 PM

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