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July 29, 2010

New Entrance to Eriska!

This month we were joined by a new member of the team. Elizabeth has come straight from University and brings with her some fresh new ideas about marketing and sales and whilst we do not understand or comprehend much of what she is trying to get us to do having a fresh look at many of our assets and attributes has allowed us the chance to take a fresh look at the future. From the outset we told her that nothing was set in stone and to that extent we did not provide her much background but asked he r to do her own research rather than use data and information we had already studied.

it was certainly an interesting way to move forward but it has thrown up many new ideas, such as increasing our social networking- still not sure what that means- and emphasising on our strengths whilst working on the weaknesses. One of the initial suggestions was that given our new moorings at the pier and the wonderful pier, although used by some it is mostly a venue for our staff to fish and a platform for me to launch my boat It should really be seen as an alternative entrance to Eriska with the large number of boats that enter loch creran.

 So after a bit of research , which included my sitting in the sun at the Pier watching boats sail by I was forced to agree as many of the boats clearly detoured close to the shore to see what the golf course really was and one boat even approached me on the Pier to ask if there was a hotel! So today we erected a new sign at the Pier highlighting the fact that we do exist, that we do have moorings and that we have a golf course and spa. Amazingly within an hour of the sign going up the phone had rung and a dinner reservation was made. lets Hope that this is a measure of the success we can hope from all of Elizabeth's new suggestions.

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Does this now mean that the dress code for the dining room is now to include salopettes?

Posted by: Michael | Jul 29, 2010 8:17:07 AM

Quite the opposite we can now arrange showers and changing facilities for visitors who use our moorings as a parking place for dinner-we can even send transport to collect them from the peir!

Posted by: beppo | Jul 29, 2010 8:24:52 AM

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