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July 20, 2010

Tree realingment!

In most new building work the companies make a great play of breaking ground or starting digging in the foundations. We however are always doing things a bit differently and therefore we have today begun our long trek to create an indoor facility and this all starts with the clearing- not of the site but of the area the new road will have to be led in order to avoid the new building. The trees were all cleared when we first started talking about a covered tennis court but in the intervening period (just shows how long it has taken to get this far) they have grown and established themselves.

Right in the middle of the trees also lies an old Bore hole where we used to pump water when we first arrived at Eriska. So today the first of the trees came down and already the site looks much improved. Over the next week all te trees will be felled in the new road line and then it will be time for the diggers to move in and build a new road and then hopefully we will be in the right place to start construction. A day does not go by without us wondering if we are making the right choice but all we have to do is think of the rain we had this morning and the wealth of activities the new indoor facility will offer and it all seems essential.

So for now we will have a nice new roman straight road and then we can pause and take stock before we commit to full scale building.

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How about naming the "new roman" road The Chay Way.

Posted by: Michael Heath | Jul 20, 2010 6:35:49 PM

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